Ready to take your tea preparations to the next level?

In the art of crafting quality tea, sifting plays a fundamental role in ensuring a perfect infusion.

Filtra Vibration’s equipment is an optimal choice for ensuring exceptional results in sifting tea leaves. Precision-designed to offer efficient and consistent sifting, these machines are the ideal choice if you’re seeking maximum purity and flavor.

Adjusting the mesh size according to the specific needs of each type of tea, our equipment ensures that desired leaves are selected while unwanted impurities are removed. This guarantees an optimal quality tea infusion, with all its natural flavors and aromas intact.

Whether you need equipment for large-scale production or more modest applications, our industrial and laboratory models offer a wide variety of options to suit your requirements. From high-capacity equipment for commercial production to smaller, versatile models for laboratory settings, we have the perfect solution for every need.

Efficiency and reliability are key features of our sifting equipment. With automated functions and intuitive controls, the tea sifting process becomes quick, easy, and highly reproducible. This not only enhances productivity but also ensures consistent quality in every batch of tea produced.

The benefits of using our tea sifting equipment are numerous. In addition to guaranteeing a tea infusion of the highest quality, they contribute to a more profitable and sustainable operation by reducing the time and resources required for production.

Contact our experts and they will help you find the best solutions in tea filtration and sifting.