Filtra Vibración launched the first laboratory in Spain in 2002 with ENAC accreditation (Accreditation No. 310/LE683) for conducting tests on sieve meshes and metal sheets.

ENAC is the only designated body in Spain to carry out this type of evaluation through a rigorous audit process involving highly specialized and internationally recognized technical experts, who, in the case of testing and calibration laboratories, are governed by the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard

A report bearing the ENAC mark is endorsed by ENAC, accreditation bodies from over 100 countries, and official recognition from the EU.

How can you determine if a laboratory can provide reliable results

When a company considers hiring testing or calibration services, if it wants to have the highest guarantees of technical competence without taking risks, it should opt for accredited laboratories, because they have demonstrated the necessary technical competence. In the case of non-accredited laboratories, the company is left only with personal trust in the laboratory’s own statements.

Advantages of hiring laboratories accredited by ENAC

Security in products and services

Making decisions based on tests conducted by accredited laboratories reduces the chances of producing or providing a defective item.


The use of accredited laboratories adds value in economic terms, as they reduce the possibility of the same product undergoing redundant evaluations, resulting in savings.

Legal certainty

Accreditation is an internationally established tool, so selecting an accredited evaluation service provider is crucial for the company to demonstrate, in the event of legal action, that it has acted with due diligence.


Accredited laboratories contribute reliability and recognition to products or services, which directly impacts the image of companies and the trust of customers.


The ENAC accreditation is recognized and accepted in over 100 countries worldwide, which enables the results of accredited evaluators to be more easily accepted by foreign markets. This acceptance, while facilitating access to new business opportunities, helps reduce costs for manufacturers and exporters, reducing or eliminating the need to repeat tests in the importing country.

Access to public procurements

The use of accredited laboratories is increasingly prioritized in public procurement documents worldwide. In Spain, Law 9/2017, of November 8, on Public Sector Contracts, prioritizes the use of accredited services as a means of proving compliance with the requirements or criteria established in the technical specifications, award criteria, or contract execution conditions.

Differences between testing and calibration


Operation that consists of determining one or more characteristics of a particular product, process, or service according to a specified procedure.

In testing, characteristics are measured to verify if they meet the requirements established by a reference standard or customer specifications. The test is conducted following a predetermined procedure that specifies the environmental conditions, equipment characteristics used for testing, and how these conditions and test results are documented.

The results are recorded in a document called a test report.


Documented comparison between a measuring device and a traceable reference device, that is, it is a process where something known (standard device) is compared with something unknown (device being calibrated).

From this comparison, a deviation is obtained that reflects the percentage error of the measurements made with the calibrated device compared to a correct measurement (made with the standard device). This deviation determines the accuracy of the calibrated device.

The results are documented in a document called a calibration certificate.

The testing laboratory of Filtra Vibración accredited by ENAC (Accreditation No. 310/LE683) conducts verification tests on metal meshes and perforated sheets for laboratory sieves and issues test reports with the results according to the following reference standards.

Standard Filtering element to be verified Type of test
UNE 7050-3 Metal mesh Compliance
ISO 3310-1 Metal mesh Inspection Calibration
ASTM E11 Metal mesh Inspection Calibration
ISO 9044 Metal mesh Compliance
UNE 7050-4 Perforated metal sheet (square and round) Compliance
ISO 3310-2 Perforated metal sheet (square and round) Inspection Calibration

*UNE Standards: Spanish standards.
*ISO Standards: International standards.
*ASTM Standards: American standards.