Sieves and Accessories


With stainless steel frame and mesh.


Stainless steel with square-holed perforated plate.


Stainless steel framed with nylon mesh.


Stainless steel sieve with oval-holed perforated plate (for cereals, ISO 5223)


Stainless steel sieve with round-holed perforated plate.


Special stainless steel sieve for EOLO-FTLBA (Air Jet), with stainless steel or nylon mesh.

Special test sieves: conical, double height, half height, etc

Grid made of paint carbon steel.

Stainless steel lids and receivers in all sizes.

Sieve shelves.

Cleaning brushes.

Food balls used to open the mesh.


  • Manufacture according to national and international regulations.
  • High quality. High resistance to corrosion. Excellent durability.
  • Manufactured in two pieces: allows the mesh to be changed.
  • Totally flat surface for easy cleaning. Product residues do not accumulate.
  • Individual identification by laser, allows to be traced.
  • The sieves can be fitted together and fitted to those from other manufacturers perfectly.
  • Maximum stability and sealed fit for sieves stacks.


Before being supplied, each sieve is subjected to optical calibration and provided with a manufacturer’s certificate and documentation regarding maintenance.

We also have lids and bottoms in stainless steel in all diameters for which we manufacture the sieves.


Our laboratory have a rubber seal included in order to ensure they fit tightly. In addition, they can be fitted together and fitted to those from other manufacturers perfectly.

Marking is done by laser etching on the frame, giving each sieve an individual identification number, which allows for subsequent tracing.