Screen mesh change for laboratory and industrial sieves

When choosing a company that provides you with your screening equipment it is essential to take into account two factors, the quality of the mesh and its service of the screen change.

Filtra Vibración use only the best quality mesh and provide a fast and effective support and mesh change service, with a previous technical analysis. Thus, we provide you with all guarantees that your equipment can be maintained at the highest level of performance.

In case of irreparable damage or breakage of the mesh, replace the mesh may be a cheaper alternative than replace the sieve. Simply send us your sieve and we change the mesh, avoiding the replacement of the sieve, as long as possible.

In Filtra Vibración we are always looking for the most convenient and economical alternative for our customers, adapting to their needs and technical requirements, so the change of mesh can be a perfect alternative.

For regular screen mesh change, we can offer customized stocking policies to ensure the meshes and frames you require are always readily available.

cambio de mallas

Screen mesh change techniques in our sieves:

  • We carefully ensure that each component is kept in the best condition to ensure optimal and consistent sieve performance in use.
  • We manufacture and can replace a wide range of different types of industrial racks for sizes up to 2 meters in diameter.
  • FILTRA VIBRACION uses the best adhesive methods, generating a bond resistant to many harsh environments including high temperatures during sieving.
  • The adhesive used is suitable for food and pharmaceutical use, approved by FDA.

Our mesh replacement facilities are approved and audited to replace mesh for ATEX environments and our manufacturing plant is ISO accredited.