• Tamizadora Neumática

The pneumatic sieve shaker AIRMATIC Filtra, is equipped with a vibrating motor with pneumatic drive, has the particularity of working without electric current.

Prepared to work with liquid or solid products. Assemble standardized laboratory sieves, allowing quick change or replacement and effective cleaning. Thanks to its small diameter, it allows to introduce sieves in ultrasonic baths or similar cleaning systems. The product entry is done by the top of the equipment, has a methacrylate ring that holds the sieve.
The filtered product is discharged through a central discharge hopper.

Pneumatic sieve shaker, It is supplied on a INOX bench with wheels to facilitate mobility and sieving in different areas.


• Operation by pneumatic system (without electric current).
• Specialized in safety screening.
• Pneumatic screening machine for small scale production.
• Quick change of sieves.
• Easy sieve cleaning.
• Possibility to install quick closures for lid.
• Easy to use.
• Easy maintenance.


They are used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, recycled, water treatment, etc.

Mainly used for solid separation processes in different particle sizes of the same product, safety sieves for removal of foreign particles, particle homogenization.