Pharma & Cosmetics

Pharma & cosmetic


In Filtra Vibración we have vast experience and close relationship with companies in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector, providing support and helping to obtain clean final products of contamination.

Our equipment is manufactured using stainless steel of the highest possible quality, this ensures that impurities are reduced to a minimum. Our putty combined with easy disassembly of your parts makes it easy to clean completely.

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tamizado excipientes


Excipients such as sugars, lactose, starch or microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) among others, are very often used in oral solid dose formulas such as pills, capsules or envelopes.
Filtra Vibration equipment, such as the HELIOS model, is the best solution to perform a successful excipient safety screening and will ensure product quality by eliminating any large contaminants, such as wrappings, wear residues or unwanted natural particles.