Coffee, soy or chocolate are among the most traded products on the planet, only surpassed by petroleum and some metals such as steel or copper. The sifting of coffee and other products serves to ensure the quality and consistency of these food products, complying with the norms of weight and measures, final products such as cocoa, muesli, coffee or soy are sieved discarding large grain sizes. For sifting of coffee or cocoa Filta Vibración recommends the use of the Minerva, for cases of high productivity, separation of different granulometries of hard-to-sift bulk product. Or a safety sieve of the product to remove any possible impurity.

Filtra Vibración also offers a wide range of other industrial vibration sieves such as the HELIOS or the ZEUS, with different models, sizes and configurations so that they can be perfectly adapted to your production.

Sieving of Muesli:

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