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In order to facilitate a safe handling for raw materials delivered in all types of bags, FILTRA has developed the APOLO series (Sack Tip Station). Its design prevents particle spreading within the environment, safeguarding the operator from dust surroundings. Its low profile allow the worker to handle it healthy and safely.

The Bag Tip Station allows controlling your process from the very beginning, due to its central electric vibrator, sieving the product with the desired opening. This is easy to dismantle and cleaning, as well as exchangeable, protected with a removable stainless steel grid.

The APOLO series has a complete dust hood range to cover all needs. They are steerable and modular, allowing an easy integration in your installation. In addition, this cabinet range permits for connection to a dust extraction to capture airborne dust particles before they can enter the clean environment.

Removable cabinet with fast clamps, 4 working positions.
Production rate till 3.000 Kg/hour (depending on the product).
Stainless steel INOX AISI304 o AISI316 on demand, silicon gasket suitable for FDA.
Available for 800 mm diameter.


  • Bag Dump Screener available in two capacities
  • Dust Cabinet
  • Easy to clean
  • Exchangeable sieves
  • Reduces material losses
  • Low maintenance


  • Screener with central electric vibrator
  • Steerable Dust Cabinet, see options
  • Bag Tip Table
  • User Manual
  • CE declaration of conformity


If the sieve shaker is going to be used in areas classified as being potentially explosive environments then it is manufactured with ATEX materials, and FILTRA will supply the corresponding ATEX certificate.

Available for 800 mm diameter.

Model Voltage (V) r.p.m Power (kW) Weight (Kg)
VSIS-800 380-400 1500/1800 0.3 177,5
Parrilla magnetica

Magnetic filters are suitable for the separation of small iron particles.

As for the magnetic grids, they are used for the purification of any particle contained in dusty or granulated products, either in dry or wet. Therefore, they are specially designed and adapted for the food industry, ceramics, plastics, etc…

The grids and semi-suction filters are used in any production process where contamination by metal particles is abundant or simply a continuous cleaning is necessary.

These filters have a polished stainless steel finish (AISI 304 or AISI 316) which assures a high resistance to rust and wear.