Tamizado de cola líquida


In the sieving process, when pouring the mixture onto the mesh, unwanted particles are trapped, allowing only the purified liquid glue to flow to the next stage. This methodology not only enhances the purity of the product but also optimizes process efficiency, preventing obstructions and reducing equipment wear.

A practical example of application could be in the manufacturing of sealants for the construction industry. By sieving the liquid glue used in these sealants, potential contaminants are removed, ensuring a high-quality final product that provides a strong and durable bond in various constructions.

In the production of inks for the graphic industry, sieving the liquid glue component of the inks ensures that unwanted particles are eliminated, resulting in higher-quality and more consistent printing inks.

Other examples include the production of adhesives for the footwear industry, textile dyes, furniture manufacturing, rubber industry, or cosmetic products.

Effective sieving not only refines the quality of the final product but also strengthens the profitability and sustainability of industrial processes in various applications such as sealants and inks.

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