Extraction solutions for the cannabis industry.

Filtra Vibración has solutions to maximize the extraction and production of cannabis while maintaining a high quality of the product.
We offer high performance separators and filters, increasing production rates and improving the quality of the product obtained.

Our equipment is suitable for dry extraction, water-based and ethanol to maximize the purity of your product.

Wet Screening of Cannabis:

The water separates the trichomes and filters through the fine mesh, leaving the remaining trichomes on top for easy collection. In this way you can capture different sizes, classify and collect a range of trichomes in a large batch.

The application of ultrasound for wet screening cannabis applications is more efficient than traditional wet screening methods.

Dry screening of cannabis:

Our teams achieve the perfect sieving of trichomes of smaller and unused ground material to produce a higher power and better quality end product.

Relieving the manual effort of cutting and separating the trichome from its stem.
The application of ultrasound for dry cannabis screening applications allows quick removal of trichomes with little or no blinding on the screen.

Our equipment is also designed to deal with a wider range of processes, please contact us to find out how we can help you achieve the perfect screening for your product.