The use of insects as an ecological solution.

Are insects a solution for the use of organic waste in the agri-food industry?

New bioeconomy strategies are moving in this direction, seeking solutions for livestock or fish farming among other sectors, helping to implement an economy of proximity, more circular and close to local producers.

Tamizado larvas

Larvae are a source of food rich in proteins and lipids, providing quality feed for farmed animal and fish. The larvae are fed with waste and pre-consumption organic waste (coffee grounds, beer beans, fruit and vegetables waste and many other types of food) turning this organic material into decomposition valuable products such as protein, oil or frass (organic fertilizer).

Producers obtain after the screening of larvae, bioactive extracts based on lipids and amino acids or peptides with agronomic potential to be included at least in a final marketable formulation with biostimulant potential, anti-stressor or inducer of defenses, from a new renewable animal source such as insects.

tamizado de larvas

The larvae need to be sifted, so that there is no «bottleneck» in the production process.
Filtra Vibration provides optimal performance in the screening of larvae and similar types of work, allowing a customized adjustment to the type of sieving required.

In this process an excellent suggestion is our ZEUS range, depending of the production and the requirements our experts can recommend the best equipment according to your needs.