Vegetable drink comes from the extraction of proteins and fats from legumes, cereals and seeds.

The most common production of vegetable drink are almonds, soy or oats.

The production processes of each type of vegetable drink have their particularities, the treatment is similar in all. Selection and cleaning of the product, soaking with sweeteners, grinding and finally sieving of the vegetable drink.

In all processes for each type of vegetable drink, waste and pulp of different sizes are generated, the sieving of the pulp is necessary to avoid a grainy texture from these residues of the ingredients of each type of vegetable drink.

In this way we obtain a final product with the desired texture softness. Filtra Vibración has different industrial screening equipment that are the optimal solution to ensure a smooth texture and at the same time avoid slowing, improving production times.

Contact our experts and they will help you find the best solution and equipment for your vegetable drink sieving.